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This Beautiful CityŚComplete Set of Scores

INSTRUMENTATION: 7 Piano/Vocal, 1 Percussion, 1 Bass, 1 Strings (Mandolin, Electric Guitar, Guitar, Banjo, Violin).


Deposit: $200.00
Rental Fee: $200.00

No shipments of complete sets of scores will be made until we are in receipt of the deposit and rental fee. All scores are inspected prior to shipment and any existing damage noted. Deposit will be forfeited unless scores are returned in satisfactory condition within 21 days of the closing date of the show to:

Publications Department
Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
440 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10016

If you have received a performance license, the complete set of scores will be automatically shipped to you 8 weeks in advance of your opening date, provided DPS is in receipt of your refundable deposit and rental fee. To request early delivery or special arrangements, contact Customer Service at (or send a letter by mail or fax). Return scores in packaging that adequately protects the materials. It is strongly recommended that return shipments be insured. Mark notations or cuts in soft black lead pencil only. Damage fees will be assessed if scores are not completely erased prior to their return. The cost for loss or damage to scores is $25 each. Damage and/or loss fees will be deducted from the deposit.