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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have questions, check here. You may find all the answers you need. Click on the question to link to the answer.

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FAQs Categories:

Obtaining Permission

How do I know whether our theatre is considered "professional" or "nonprofessional"?
How was I supposed to know the play was restricted?
What does "restricted" mean?
But we're just a high school/college/community theatre...
Is it harder to obtain rights in New York and Los Angeles?
How long does it take to get permission?
Can I apply for permission over the phone?
I'm an actor. May I use a monologue or scene for a closed audition?

Changing the Script

What do you mean the play must be presented "without any changes, alterations or deletions"?
May we cut bad language?
I didn't get enough men trying out. May I cast this role as a woman?
Is it okay to drop this one character and give the lines to some of the other actors?
The show is running too long. Is it all right to make a few cuts?
May I change the title?
What is the policy regarding putting scenes in different order but not cutting lines?
Are producers required to replicate the stage directions?

Copying Rights

May I make a copy of the play for the actors at my theatre?
May I make an oversized copy of the play for the stage manager's prompt book?
May I copy a play and distribute it to my class for study purposes?
My daughter is playing Maggie in CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF. May I videotape this?
My son is in HAMLET. May I videotape that?
Our theatre would like to make a videotape for our archives/grant proposal. Is this all right?
A local video producer wants to film my production and sell tapes in our lobby.
I am a college student. Can I get permission to make a film of a play?
May we use the synopsis and press quotes from the back cover of the acting edition?

DPS Web Site

As a returning customer, I have a DPS customer account. What's my username and password?
Must I create an online account to place a book order or submit an application?
What is my DPS Account Number?
What if I've forgotten my password?
How do I change my password?
What if I've forgotten my username?
How do I close my online account?
I seem to be having technical problems with the site. What do I do?
How long will my shopping cart retain items?


How do I submit a play or musical for publication?


What should I do if I need to cancel some or all of my licensed performances?

Desk Copies

Does DPS provide desk copies?


Are the stage directions in your scripts taken from the stage manager's prompt book?