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DPS Statement on COVID-19

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, we want to make you aware of how we're handling the situation at Dramatists Play Service.

DPS is open and at your service.
Our office remains fully-accessible via e-mail during regular business hours: Monday–Friday: 10am to 6pm EDT. Please note that individual staff members hours may vary within this time frame. We will not be accessible via telephone. Should you wish to be in touch with us, a complete list of staff and department e-mails is available on the Contact Us page. We will operate under this scenario until further notice.

Online Orders

Our warehouse remains open, so please feel free to place an online order, plays make perfect companions. However, please be aware that the shipment of all scripts, scores and other materials are experiencing unavoidable delays regardless of the selected shipping method. We also have over 800 ePlays available for instant download to your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Please read our ePlay FAQ first to ensure a swift download process: ePlay FAQs

Refund policies

Please note, as of 8/1/2020, our standard cancellation and refund policies included on the license agreements issued to our customers will be reinstated. If you have not advised us by 8/1/2020 of a cancellation for a paid license that occurred prior to August 2020 we will be unable to refund you. Refund policies are as set in the region where the productions are performed and cannot be altered. Please inform us of any proposed changes in production dates (Request for Change of Date), a cancellation (Request for Cancellation of Performances) or postponement as soon as you can. At this time, due to the extremely large volume of cancellation refund requests we continue to receive we are unable to give you an exact date for when your refund will be processed. If you have more questions please email us at

1) Refund by check: As our office in New York City is closed until further notice, we are unable to process any check refunds at this time. We will keep you updated as the situation changes.

2) Refund by credit card: If you originally paid us with a credit card, we are processing these refunds as quickly as we can. Please look out for the credit on your monthly billing statements. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. More detailed information below.

Streaming Performances Requests

If you are interested in live-streaming your production, please contact our Nonprofessional Licensing or Professional Licensing departments via email. We will do our best to get you an answer from our authors and their representatives as soon as possible. Please be aware that electronic rights such as live-streaming may not be available in any event. Click on Streaming Rights Info for more information.

Postponement with No Dates

DPS is happy to help you manage the postponement of your show dates. Even if you don't know the dates yet, we will hold your current license and make a note to help you work out other performance dates. If you need to postpone your production and don't have new performance dates, please fill out the Request Change of Performance Dates form and write "POSTPONE" in the "Reason for request" field.

Postponement with Dates

If you need to postpone your production, and do have new performance dates, then please fill out the Request Change of Performance Dates form, as usual.

Cancellation of Licensed Performances

If you need to completely cancel the license for a scheduled production, then please fill out the Request Cancellation of Licensed Performances form.

Making Payments

We encourage you to pay fees by credit card. If this is not possible you can also pay us via ACH or wire transfer. Please email us at and we will provide you with the details needed to set this up. For any questions regarding credit card payments, please email us at

If you are mailing us a payment by check, please be sure to send your payment without special instructions, such as "Return Service Requested", on the outside of envelope. Due to current rules and regulations, USPS will not forward these specially marked envelopes to our remote mailbox and will automatically return these mailings to the sender.

Score Returns

At this time, DPS is unable to accept score returns or returned items on purchases. Please refrain from sending items to the DPS office until further notice. If a customer chooses to send items to our office at 440 Park Avenue S. 11th Fl. NY, NY 10016, and those items are returned to sender, DPS will not be responsible for any additional postage needed to return the scores or items when we reopen.

Thank you for your patience during what is a difficult time for everyone. We value our relationships with all of you. We will be sure to advise you in this space as the situation changes.