UIL Performance Rights Application

For more information regarding the DPS application, go to the UIL Information Page.

This is an application for University Interscholastic League (UIL) performance rights. The standard fee for UIL competitions is $40.00 per performance regardless of title. Note that not all titles are available to UIL participants.

DO NOT use our applications for performance fee quotes. Standard nonprofessional royalty fees can be found on the play's description page.

DO NOT use a PO Box for your shipping address.

DPS advises you not to hold auditions, begin rehearsals or make any major production plans before you have obtained written permission to proceed.

If your application is immediately approved, you will receive a license within 24 hours by email. If your application requires review, you should receive a response by email within approximately one to two weeks.

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No play represented by Dramatists Play Service, Inc. may be produced unless written authorization is obtained from Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

All of the plays represented by Dramatists Play Service, Inc. are protected under international copyright laws. Any unauthorized performance of these works constitutes an infringement of the copyright and a violation of the law, with potentially serious consequences for the infringer.

I agree to the Terms and Conditions for UIL Performance Rights.

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