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University Interscholastic League Competition (UIL)

Step 1: Choose your title.

Step 2: Check if the title is already approved by the UIL offices. If it's not already on one of the approved lists, submit your play for approval on the UIL site.

Step 3: Submit a UIL performance rights application. All must submit this application to perform a DPS title at UIL. We advise you not to hold auditions, begin rehearsals, or make any major production plans before you have obtained written permission from DPS to proceed. Only apply for the number of performances that you are sure will take place at the competition or at your school.

Step 4: Rehearse and perform!

Step 5: Apply for additional performance rights as you advance. You will receive additional UIL licenses via email within minutes and there's no need to worry about not getting permission quickly enough in advance.

That's it!

For more information regarding the DPS application, go to our UIL Information Page.

To submit a UIL performance rights application with DPS, got to our Application Page.

For more information regarding the Texas UIL competition, visit

Scene License

Scene Performance Rights Application

Apply for rights to perform a scene in a competition. (U.S. and Canada only.)

Students or schools participating in scene competitions must apply using the Scene Performance Rights Application. Not all DPS plays are available for such use. Once your application is approved, you will receive a license by email. The standard fee for scene use is $40 per performance, regardless of title.

American College Theatre Festival — Irene Ryan Competition

Students do not need to apply for permission to present monologues/scenes as audition pieces in the American College Theatre Festival's Irene Ryan Competition. You may perform monologues/scenes from any of our plays, except the works of Samuel Beckett and Edward Albee, without written permission or paying a royalty fee. Performance rights only need to be applied for and secured if a student progresses to the final round, where the monologues/scenes are presented at the Kennedy Center. Do not send us an application for the earlier rounds of the competition. If you have further questions go to The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival site and contact the representative in your district.