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The following plays have been published and are available for purchase from the Play Service.

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Greg BurdickAccommodationFull Length145
Anna ZieglerAlexander the GreatOne Act415
Dena IgustiAwake, UnafraidShort Scene012
new works by R. Réal Vargas Alanis, Preston Max Allen, Esperanza Rosales Balcárcel, Shualee Cook, Dante Green, Nazareth Hassan, Dena Igusti, Haruna Lee, L Morgan Lee, Rob Madge, Noax and Kit YanBliss: A Collection of Commissioned Scenes and Monologues by TNB2S+ Artists for TNB2S+ ArtistsCollection  11
Lauren GundersonThe Book of WillFull Length7310
based on the screenplay by Jonathan Lynn, written by Sandy Rustin, additional Material by Hunter Foster and Eric PriceCluedoFull Length6511
Branden Jacobs-JenkinsThe ComeuppanceFull Length235
Bess WohlContinuityFull Length337
Nazareth HassanCornucopiaShort Scene101
adapted by Rachel Wagstaff and Duncan Abel, based on the Novel by Dan BrownThe Da Vinci CodeFull Length7410
Quiara Alegría Hudes The Day's MailOne Act101
Abe KooglerDeep Blue SoundFull Length369
Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, The One Act Version by Wendy Kesselman from her original adaptationThe Diary of Anne Frank (Kesselman) (One Act)One Act5513
Lucy PrebbleThe EffectFull Length224
Caroline FranckeFather of the BrideFull Length10619
Whitney White The First CrackOne Act022
Candrice JonesFlexFull Length066
Lauren Gunderson and Margot MelconGeorgiana and Kitty: Christmas at PemberleyFull Length369
John LeguizamoGhetto KlownFull Length101
Branden Jacobs-JenkinsGloriaFull Length336
Rajiv JosephGruesome Playground InjuriesFull Length112
Lauren GundersonThe Half-Life of Marie CurieFull Length022
Haruna LeeHallucinationsShort Scene001
Samm-Art WilliamsHome (Williams)Full Length123
John Van Druten, adapted from The Berlin Stories of Christopher IsherwoodI am a CameraFull Length347
Lynn NottageIntimate ApparelFull Length246
Jocelyn BiohJaja's African Hair BraidingFull Length1910
Preston Max AllenKaraoke NightShort Scene113
John LeguizamoLatin History for MoronsFull Length101
L Morgan LeeThe Learning CurveShort Scene115