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440 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10016
Tel. 212-683-8960
Fax 212-213-1539

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Board of Directors

Peter Hagan
Mary Harden
Patrick Herold
Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
Joyce Ketay
Jonathan Lomma
Lynn Nottage
Polly Pen
John Patrick Shanley

Peter Hagan

Stella Bowles
Assistant to the President

Finance and Administration

David Moore
Vice President, Finance and Administration

Elizabeth Haddad
Manager of Finance

Harmony Fiori
Finance Assistant

Customer Service

Alec Barniskis
Customer Relations Manager


Tamra Feifer
Director of Royalties and Operations

Joel Rudzinski
Manager of Operations,
HR, and Events

Siu Samantha Yuen
Royalties and Data Analyst

IT and Design

Timothy Mutzel
Director of IT and Design

Britannie Bond
Manager of Marketing and Design

Alexandra Lau
IT and Design Associate

Sam Silbiger
IT and Design Assistant

Marshall Foltz
Marketing Assistant

Nonprofessional Rights

Craig Pospisil
Director of Nonprofessional Rights

Danna Call
Nonprofessional Rights Associate

Tristan Halstead
Nonprofessional Rights Assistant

Professional Rights

Robert Lewis Vaughan
Director of Professional Rights

Michael Bloom
Professional Rights Associate

Kevin Hale
Professional Rights Assistant


Haleh Roshan Stilwell
Editorial Director

Ben Keiper
Publications Manager

Leah Barker
Managing Editor

Sophia Cannata-Bowman
Associate Editor

President Emeritus

Stephen Sultan