Streaming with DPS

License and stream your production with ShowShare!

Broadway On Demand with ShowShare, a full-service streaming solution for theatres allows DPS to provide more ways to stream live, pre-recorded, and on-demand productions across the globe.

Expand the boxes below to learn how to obtain rights to stream live performances and sell tickets to events in 3 easy steps.

Step 1. Apply for Performance and Streaming Rights


If you are interested in streaming your production, please complete our Nonprofessional Licensing or Professional Licensing forms and be sure to select the streaming option. Browse our list of pre-approved plays for streaming below. If the play you want is not on the pre-approved list, we will do our best to get you an answer from our authors and their representatives as quickly as possible. We've been able to clear streaming rights for the vast majority of our plays, but please be aware that streaming rights are not always available.


A DPS Streaming License offers you 3 ways to stream your show with the option to handle your ticketing needs:

  • Scheduled Live Stream: Stream a live event at a fixed time.
  • Scheduled Pre-Recorded Stream: Viewers watch pre-recorded content at a scheduled time.
  • On Demand Access: Viewers purchase access to a pre-recorded event to watch on demand.

For the protection and tracking of content, DPS requires the use of ShowShare for your streaming event, whether it's a Live Stream event or Video On Demand.

Step 2. Ticket and Create your Event

Your DPS Sales Order Number (SO#) is required to create a streaming event on the Broadway On Demand website.

Visit ShowShare for features and pricing.

Before you can set up your streaming event on the Stellar Tickets website, you must have your DPS SO#, and payment must be made in full to Dramatists Play Service. Your SO# will not become active until payment has been received by DPS.

Our partnership with Broadway On Demand ensures expedited licensing approval as well as expedited approval of performance date changes, postponements, and/or cancelations.

Production materials such as musical scores, sound design CDs, or images DVDs, will be provided, where applicable, in a digital format or shipped to you in advance of your opening date, provided DPS is in receipt of payment for these materials, including any applicable shipping and handling.

Step 3. Stream your Event

Once we've approved your streaming application and you've received your SO# you're ready to stream your show!

Please visit ShowShare for more information about streaming your production.

Browse Titles Pre-approved for Nonpro Streaming

You may apply for streaming performance rights for ANY of our plays, however streaming rights for some titles must be approved by our agents on a case by case basis.

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The titles below have blanket nonprofessional streaming rights approval from our agents.
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