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Streaming with DPS

License, capture, and stream your production with DPS.

DPS has proudly partnered with ShowTix4U, an online ticketing and content creation platform to celebrate and showcase live theatre. Expand the boxes below to learn how to obtain rights to stream live performances and sell tickets to events in 3 easy steps.

Browse our growing list of pre-approved nonpro streaming titles!

You may apply for streaming performance rights for ANY of our plays, however streaming rights for some titles must be approved by our agents on a case by case basis.

The titles below have blanket nonprofessional streaming rights approval from our agents:

Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie WootenThe Sweet Delilah Swim ClubFull Length055
David AuburnAn UpsetOne Act202
Leslie Ayvazian, Brooke Berman, David Cale, Jessica Goldberg, Beth Henley, Lameece Issaq, Claire LaZebnik, Lisa Loomer, Michele Lowe, Marco Pennette, Theresa Rebeck, Luanne Rice, Annie Weisman and Cheryl L. West, conceived by Susan R. Rose and Joan SteinMotherhood Out LoudOne Acts134
Pedro Calderón de la Barca, translated and adapted by Nilo CruzLife is a DreamFull Length527
Leah BarkerA Real Estate Opportunity for Your ConsiderationOne Act 11
Moisés Kaufman, Leigh Fondakowski, Greg Pierotti, Andy Paris and Stephen BelberThe Laramie Project: Ten Years LaterFull Length445
John BishopThe Musical Comedy Murders of 1940Full Length5510
Lee BlessingBlack Sheep (Blessing)Full Length325
A Body of Water (Blessing)Full Length123
ChesapeakeFull Length101
CobbFull Length404
Down the RoadFull Length213
EleemosynaryFull Length033
Flag DayFull Length516
For the LoyalFull Length415
FortinbrasFull Length10414
Going to St. IvesFull Length022
Great FallsFull Length112
IndependenceFull Length044
Into YouOne Act134
Lake Street ExtensionFull Length303
Lonesome HollowFull Length325
Oldtimers GameFull Length909
Patient AFull Length213
RichesFull Length112
Thief RiverFull Length606
Two RoomsFull Length224
A User's Guide to Hell, Featuring Bernard MadoffFull Length314
A Walk in the WoodsFull Length202
When We Go Upon the SeaFull Length213
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Step 1. Apply for Performance and Streaming Rights


If you are interested in live-streaming your production, please complete our Nonprofessional Licensing or Professional Licensing forms and be sure to select the streaming option. Be aware that electronic rights such as live-streaming are not available for all DPS shows, as those rights remain with our authors or copyright holders. If your show has not yet been cleared for streaming, we will do our best to get you an answer from our authors and their representatives as soon as possible.


A DPS Streaming License using ShowTix4U offers you 3 ways to stream your show with the option to handle your ticketing needs:

  • Live-Streaming: Stream a live event in real-time.
  • Scheduled Content: Stream pre-recorded content you schedule for viewing at a fixed time or times.
  • Video On Demand: Upload a pre-recorded video of your event or previous productions for patrons to purchase and watch on-demand.

For the protection and tracking of content, DPS prefers the use of ShowTix4U for your streaming event, whether live or recorded.

Step 2. Ticket and Create your Event

Enter your DPS Sales Order Number (SO#) on the ShowTix4U website to create an event.

For the ease and convenience of using one platform to present your streamed production, we recommend using for both your streaming and your ticketing needs. However, the use of the ShowTix4U ticketing service is NOT required. Please visit ShowTix4U for a full list of features and pricing.

Before you can set up your event on the ShowTix4U website, you must have your DPS SO# and payment must be made in full to Dramatists Play Service. Your SO# will not become active until payment has been received by DPS.

Please note that DPS's decision to partner for Secured Streaming with is not only to protect our products but also protects our Customers from having to pay for subscription services through other platforms, secures Customers from having their data mined for advertising and prevents the sale of your Customer identity. Our partnership ensures expedited licensing approval as well as expedited approval of performance date changes, postponements and/or cancelations.

Production materials such as musical scores, sound design CDs or images DVDs, will be provided, where applicable, in a digital format or shipped to you in advance of your opening date, provided DPS is in receipt of payment for these materials, including any applicable shipping and handling.

Step 3. Stream your Event

For the protection and tracking of content, DPS prefers the use of ShowTix4U for your streaming event, whether live or recorded.

For more information about live-streaming your production, please contact our Nonprofessional Licensing or Professional Licensing departments via email. We will do our best to get you an answer from our authors and their representatives as soon as possible. Please be aware that electronic rights such as live-streaming may not be available in any event.

The ShowTix4U website will house your Live-stream, Scheduled Event or Video-On-Demand show in a dedicated streaming room with interactive features designed to absorb your patrons in a communal theatrical experience.

To learn more about setting up your event on ShowTix4U please watch the ShowTix4U webinar at, or email ShowTix4U Client Services.