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Optional Materials

33 Variations—Projected Images$35.00$25.00.jpg .png
Abundance—Incidental Music$35.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
Act One—Sheet Music$20.00$20.00.pdf
Act One—Sound Design$25.00$20.00.cues .mp3 .pdf .wav .zip
The American Plan—Incidental Music$60.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
Angel in the Pawnshop—Sheet Music$10.00No Additional Fee.pdf
August: Osage County—Incidental Music$20.00$20.00.mp3
The Ballad of the Sad Cafe—Incidental Music$60.00No Additional Fee.mp3 .wav
Boundary Waters—Incidental Music$35.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
Boys' Life—Incidental Music$20.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
Brooklyn Boy—Incidental Music$35.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
Brother Rat—Sheet Music$5.00No Additional Fee.pdf
Carbondale Dreams—Incidental Music$35.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
A Christmas Carol (Baizley)—Incidental Music$60.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
A Christmas Carol—A Ghost Story of Christmas—Incidental Music$20.00$25.00.mp3
A Cry of Players—Sheet Music$15.00$10.00.pdf
The Curate's Play—Sheet Music$5.00No Additional Fee.pdf
Dada Woof Papa Hot—Sound Design$20.00$25.00.mp3 .wav
Death of a Salesman—Incidental Music$60.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
The Death of Bessie Smith—Incidental Music$60.00No Additional Fee.mp3 .wav
The Devil and Daniel Webster—Sheet Music$5.00No Additional Fee.pdf
The Diary of Anne Frank (Kesselman)—Sound Design$20.00$25.00.mp3
Dinner with Friends—Incidental Music$20.00$15.00.mp3
Driving Miss Daisy—Incidental Music$30.00$15.00.mp3
Drums Under the Windows—Sheet Music$5.00No Additional Fee.pdf
Emotional Creature—Incidental Music$20.00$15.00.mp3
Enchanted April—Incidental Music$20.00$20.00.mp3
A Fable—Sheet Music$10.00No Additional Fee.pdf
Fabuloso—Rehearsal Recording$20.00No Additional Fee.mp3
A Fair Country—Incidental Music$35.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
Father Dreams—Rehearsal CD$35.00No Additional Fee.mp3 .wav
Flight—Incidental Music$35.00$20.00.mp3 .wav
Four Baboons Adoring the Sun—Sheet Music$10.00$20.00.pdf
Frankenstein—Incidental Music$60.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
Georgiana and Kitty: Christmas at Pemberley—Incidental Music$60.00$25.00.mp3
The Glass Menagerie—Incidental Music$60.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
Going to St. Ives—Incidental Music$35.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
Handle With Care - Rehearsal CD$25.00No Additional Fee.mp3 .wav
Having Our Say—Projected Images$200.00No Additional Fee.jpg .png
The Heiress—Incidental Music$20.00$15.00.mp3
The House of Sleeping Beauties—Incidental Music$35.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
I Hate Hamlet—Incidental Music$20.00$15.00.mp3
The Idiots Karamazov—Sheet Music$15.00$10.00.pdf
An Iliad–Incidental Music$20.00$25.00.mp3
The Imaginary Invalid—Sheet Music$15.00$15.00.pdf
An Infinite Ache—Incidental Music$35.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol (Mula)—Incidental Music$20.00$25.00.mp3
The King of the United States—Sheet Music$10.00No Additional Fee.pdf
Last Gas—Incidental Music$20.00$20.00.mp3
The Last Lifeboat—Incidental Music$20.00$15.00.mp3
The Last Night of Ballyhoo—Incidental Music$20.00$15.00.mp3
Laughing Stock (Morey)—Incidental Music$35.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
The Little Dog Laughed—Incidental Music$35.00$25.00.mp3 .wav
Little Footsteps—Incidental Music$60.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
The Loman Family Picnic—Sheet Music$15.00No Additional Fee.pdf
LOVE/SICK (Cariani)—Incidental Music$20.00$20.00.mp3
M. Butterfly—Incidental Music/Sheet Music$35.00$15.00.cues .mp3 .pdf .wav .zip
The Madwoman of Chaillot—Sheet Music$5.00No Additional Fee.pdf
The Majestic Kid—Incidental Music$35.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
The Majestic Kid—Sheet Music$10.00$10.00.pdf
The Marriage of Bette and Boo—Incidental Music/Sheet Music$60.00$15.00.cues .mp3 .pdf .wav .zip
Mrs. Bob Cratchit's Wild Christmas Binge—Incidental Music$35.00$20.00.mp3 .wav
Mrs. Bob Cratchit's Wild Christmas Binge—Sheet Music$15.00$10.00.pdf
Mrs. Mannerly—Projected Image$20.00No Additional Fee.jpg .png
Music from a Sparkling Planet—Incidental Music$35.00$25.00.mp3 .wav
Next Fall—Incidental Music$35.00$25.00.mp3 .wav
Old Wicked Songs—Incidental Music/Sound Design$35.00$25.00.mp3 .wav
The Orphans' Home Cycle, Part One: The Story of a Childhood—Incidental Music$35.00$25.00.mp3 .wav
The Orphans' Home Cycle, Part Three: The Story of a Family—Incidental Music$35.00$25.00.mp3 .wav
The Orphans' Home Cycle, Part Two: The Story of a Marriage—Incidental Music$35.00$25.00.mp3 .wav
People be Heard—Rehearsal Recording$20.00No Additional Fee.mp3
The Pope's Nose—Incidental Music$35.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
The Quick-Change Room—Incidental Music/Sheet Music$35.00$20.00.cues .mp3 .pdf .wav .zip
Rabbit Hole—Incidental Music$20.00$20.00.mp3
RFK—Incidental Music$35.00$20.00.mp3 .wav
Ripcord—Sound Design$20.00$25.00.mp3
Romance in D—Incidental Music$35.00No Additional Fee.mp3 .wav
The Sandbox—Sheet Music$5.00No Additional Fee.pdf
Savages—Incidental Music$35.00$20.00.mp3 .wav
A Sherlock Carol—Sound Design$40.00$25.00.mp3
Shipwrecked! An Entertainment—The Amazing Adventures of Louis de Rougemont (as Told by Himself)—Incidental Music$20.00$25.00.mp3
Sight Unseen—Incidental Music$35.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
Simply Heavenly—Sheet Music$20.00No Additional Fee.pdf
The Sound of a Voice—Incidental Music$35.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
Summer and Smoke—Incidental Music$60.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
The Teahouse of the August Moon—Incidental Music$30.00$15.00.mp3
The Temperamentals—Incidental Music$20.00No Additional Fee.mp3 .wav
Ten Unknowns—Incidental Music$35.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
Tender Napalm—Sheet Music$20.00$25.00.mp3
Tevya and His Daughters—Incidental Music$60.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
Theda Bara and the Frontier Rabbi—Projected Images$35.00No Additional Fee.jpg .png
The Tibetan Book of the Dead—Sheet Music$10.00$10.00.pdf
Valhalla—Incidental Music$35.00$20.00.mp3 .wav
Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike—Incidental Music$20.00$25.00.mp3
A Walk in the Woods—Incidental Music$20.00$15.00.mp3
The West Side Waltz—Incidental Music$60.00No Additional Fee.mp3 .wav
Who's Happy Now? (Hailey)—Sheet Music$5.00No Additional Fee.pdf
Wilderness—Incidental Music$20.00$5.00.mp3
Wilderness—Projected Video$20.00No Additional Fee.jpg .png
The World of Sholom Aleichem—Incidental Music$60.00$15.00.mp3 .wav
Years Ago—Sheet Music$5.00No Additional Fee.pdf
The Zulu and the Zayda—Sheet Music$10.00No Additional Fee.pdf