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Brother Rat

John Monks, Jr. and Fred F. Finklehoffe
ISBN: 990307
Full length, Comedy
14 men, 5 women
Total Cast: 19, Interior/Exterior
FEE: $80 per performance. MS. SPECIAL NOTE: The music in the play is available through the Play Service for $5.00 per set, plus shipping and handling.
THE STORY: Bing Edwards, star pitcher on the school team, is no brilliant student, but he hopes to win a $200 prize, on graduation, as the best athlete. However, Bing is secretly married, and the day before the big game he learns he is going to be a father. Since his marriage was against school regulations, he is in mortal fear of exposure and expulsion. His roommates have wonderful ideas for helping him, but they do nothing but get him into the most ludicrous and dangerous scrapes. Yet at the end, he not only gets his diploma, but a $300 prize for having the first baby in the graduating class.