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Last Round-Up of the Guacamole Queens - ePublication

Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten
Full Length, Comedy
4 men, 8 women (doubling)
Total Cast: 12, Flexible Set
ISBN: 978-0-8222-3237-7
FEE: $100 per performance.


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THE STORY: In this deliciously funny Southern-fried comedy, the Verdeen cousins of Sweetgum, Texas—Gaynelle, Peaches, and Jimmie Wyvette—are up against the clock as they frantically and hilariously attempt to produce the "ultimate high school reunion" before the old building is demolished. But they've got a bushel of obstacles to overcome before they can pull off this miracle: Gaynelle is reeling from the humiliating demise of her loathed ex-husband; Peaches' romantic life has tanked because the older her dates get, the more horrified they are by her job as a mortuarial cosmetologist; and Jimmie Wyvette is trying to live down her on-camera cat fight with a local televangelist. As the cousins fend off threats from their self-righteous Aunt LaMerle, who's determined to get herself elected mayor of Sweetgum at any cost, they struggle to keep their beloved Uncle Aubrey from getting himself throttled by the two octogenarian sisters he's simultaneously romancing. The potential for utter mayhem escalates when Jimmie Wyvette invites a Governor's aide to the reunion to impress her with their party planning capabilities in an attempt to nab the plum job of throwing the Governor's birthday bash. Unfortunately, one of Peaches' former classmates arrives with his malevolent hand puppet and a score to settle, the high school gym blows up, Jimmie Wyvette gets arrested by the sheriff she hog-tied with police tape, and the desperate battle between Gaynelle and LaMerle to be crowned the final and forever Guacamole Queen of Sweetgum High explodes into an outrageous fight to the finish. Chaos is side-splittingly achieved! A gut-busting Jones Hope Wooten farce—and a stand-alone play in its own right—LAST ROUND-UP OF THE GUACAMOLE QUEENS is the third and final comedy in the Verdeen Cousins Texas Trilogy that begins with The RED VELVET CAKE WAR and continues with REX'S EXES. You'll laugh so hard you might even consider attending your next high school reunion!