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Cyrano - ePublication

Edmond Rostand, translated by Michael Hollinger, adapted by Michael Hollinger and Aaron Posner
Full Length, Heroic Comedy
8 men, 1 woman (doubling)
Total Cast: 9, Flexible Set
ISBN: 978-0-8222-3304-6
FEE: $100 per performance.


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THE STORY: The most legendary nose in literature gets a makeover with this lively American adaptation of the 1897 French classic. Will Roxane fall for Christian’s dashing looks or Cyrano’s daring poetry? Find out in this timeless tale—full of wordplay and swordplay—that’s been an inspiration to writers and lovers for centuries.
“…a sterling, illuminating new translation by Michael Hollinger…His mostly rhymeless version bubbles with dialogue that honors the play’s period (17th century) and dishes as easily as, say, the ladies on The View…a joy to watch—funny, touching, pathetic, kinetic. A story well told.” —Philadelphia Inquirer. “…well-crafted, rhythmically beautiful, humorous, emotionally resonant and convincing…Hollinger removes the original’s many allusions to French society and norms and lets the audience enjoy modern equivalents, reflected mostly through language. He drops the blank verse (which dominates most prior translations), except strategically, to emphasize a point, sometimes underlining it with rhyme…Hollinger gives his actors plenty to work with.” — “…the eponymous hero is as magnetic and touchy as ever…an entertaining script.” —Washingtonian. “This version of Cyrano de Bergerac is interesting and entertaining…a thoughtful piece of work which makes many bold choices…This is by far the funniest CYRANO you will ever see.” — “…a good, practical adaptation for modern audiences…a show that can make you feel again as deeply and unashamedly as you did when you were 17 serves a great purpose. And Cyrano, with all of its heartbreaking panache, achieves that in aces. Three cheers and a flourish of a feathered hat to that.” —Oregon ArtsWatch.