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Apocalyptic Butterflies

ISBN: 978-0-8222-0060-4
Full Length, Comedy
2 men, 3 women
Total Cast: 5, Flexible Set
FEE: $80 per performance.
THE STORY: Cooped up in their cramped cottage in a remote part of Maine, Hank and Muriel Tater are beginning to get on each others nerves. They have still not agreed on a name for their seven-week-old daughter, Muriel refuses to accept motherhood and housework as a full-time occupation, Hank is having an affair with a busty checkout girl at the local IGA store and, to top it all off, Hank's father has dumped a load of totem poles in their front yard, hoping to jar Hank out of his "traditional thought patterns." In fact, a general shaking-up is what Hank and Muriel need if they are to overcome the resentment and constant bickering which have beset their young marriage, and in a series of wildly funny scenes, that is exactly what they get. It all comes to a boil when Muriel catches Hank in the arms of Trudi, his supermarket bimbo, but as things can't get worse they actually (and miraculously) get better, much to the bemusement of Hank's delightfully eccentric parents. In truth, Hank and Muriel really do love each other, and somehow Hank's infidelity, and the anguish he feels when he is found out, mark a sea change for both of them, leading to their joint recognition that, to find the happiness that has eluded them thus far, they must seek out the "transcendence" that, they know, can yet transform and enrich a marriage well worth saving.
An offbeat, totally original comedy which marks the debut of a young playwright of exceptional imagination and promise. Successfully produced in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and London, the play brings fresh insight to a matter of timeless importance and concern: the need for a young couple to bring compassion and a sense of wonder to their marriage if it is to work. "…witty and human comedy of married life…" —Chicago Tribune. "…wild, often uproarious ride into the marital battlefield." —San Francisco Chronicle. "…light, funny and absorbing…" —Lambeth (England) Comet.