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I Remember Mama

John Van Druten, adapted from Kathryn Forbes' Mama's Bank Account
ISBN: 978-0-8222-0549-4
Full Length, Comedy
9 men, 13 women (plus boys and girls, some bit parts)
Total Cast: 22, Flexible Set
FEE: $80 per performance.
THE STORY: Shows how Mama, with the help of her husband and Uncle Chris, brings up the children in their modest San Francisco home during the early years of the century. Mama, a sweet and capable manager, sees her children through childhood, manages to educate them and to see one of her daughters begin her career as a writer. Mama's sisters and uncle furnish a rich background for a great deal of comedy and a little incidental tragedy, while the doings of the children manage to keep everyone in pleasant turmoil. No description can do justice to the rich characterizations that fill the author's canvas. A High School version (ISBN 0-8222-0550-5) is also available at the same price. Groups interested should specify which version.

The "High School Version" of I REMEMBER MAMA is essentially the same as the "Broadway Version." The main differences are changes that the author made to the stage directions to allow for simpler settings and staging of the play than originally devised for the Broadway production.
One of the most heartwarming studies of American family life yet to reach the stage and one of the great favorites among nonprofessionals.