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Thor, with Angels

(Included in the volume THOR, WITH ANGELS)

ISBN: 990191
Full length, Poetic Drama
8 men, 3 women
Total Cast: 11, Exterior
FEE: $35 per performance. MS.
THE STORY: A group of semi-barbaric Jutes have just returned to their farmstead with a prisoner captured in a raid on Britain. Preparations are made to kill him, but Hoel interests and puzzles his captors with his strange talk about a God unknown to them. The more he talks the more they listen. When the time comes to kill the Briton there is disagreement among the Jutes, and one of the captors insists on giving consideration to what this strange Christian has to say about his religion. Though Hoel is at last dispatched in traditional fashion, the seeds of doubt have been sown, and at the end when the voices of St. Augustine's men are heard singing in the distance, we feel that the final work of conversion to Christianity is about to take effect.
A simple and effective period piece with a distinctly religious flavor.