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Breathing Corpses

ISBN: 978-0-8222-2120-3
Full Length, Drama
4 men, 3 women
Total Cast: 7, Flexible Set
FEE: $80 per performance.
THE STORY: Amy's found another body in a hotel bedroom. There's a funny smell coming from one of Jim's storage units. And Kate's losing it after spending all day with the police. There's no going back after what they've seen.
"BREATHING CORPSES has a clever circular structure in which a succession of people discover a body before becoming corpses themselves." —Time Out London. "Events flow backwards in time—before a slight forward hop—in an intriguing fashion, allowing puzzlers in the audience to gather further pieces of the jigsaw, as well as additional characters, at each stop…[Wade is] an arresting writing talent." —Evening Standard (London). "Laura Wade's play is like a crossword puzzle where all the clues have to do with death. This is a tight, tense play: you can't miss a single word, a single gesture…Wade uses the play's shifting structure to make you feel disorientated, almost scared…The tension, the emotions and the sense of absurdity and fear are brilliantly handled…A terrifying tour de force." —The Sunday Times (London)