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Life Science

Anna Ziegler
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Full Length, Comedy/Drama
2 men, 2 women
Total Cast: 4, Flexible Set
ISBN: 978-0-8222-2259-0
FEE: $80 per performance.
THE STORY: Four Jewish kids struggle to survive high school in this delightful comedy. Leah loves Tom…probably. Mike loves Leah—or maybe still Dana—or maybe just soccer. Tom—the brainy Asian kid—isn't sure about Leah or love or his Jewish parents. Ziegler's pitch-perfect ear for the "text-me" set makes coming-of-age fresh and true.
"How does anyone survive their late teen years? Confusion about personal identity and place in the world, surging hormones that you don't know whether to flow with or stifle. It's a wonder that the four high school seniors in Anna Ziegler's entertaining LIFE SCIENCE don't blow up like faulty rockets terminated shortly after launch…the scenes in which they show their vulnerabilities are well chosen…a skillfully told story. It's about suffering, but we can't help but be amused because we know that they'll survive." —The Providence Phoenix.