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The Most Lamentable Comedie of Moira and Rosa

(Included in the volume LOOSE CANON)

Brian Reno and Gabriel Vega Weissman
ISBN: 978-0-8222-3562-0
One Act, Short Comedy
1 man, 2 women
Total Cast: 3, FEE: $35 per performance.
THE STORY: Two women are fired from their posts at an Amazon warehouse. They take solace in posting online reviews of the things they stole.
“…madcap hilarity…a fantastic example of the versatility within the historical canon.” — “…an immensely intelligent and entertaining piece for any sort of theater lover…” — “LOOSE CANON bridges the knowledge of a theatre history class with the raucous fun of sketch comedy…Literate without being pretentious, funny without being dumb, LOOSE CANON is a delightfully fun time.” —