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Plays by Helen Sneed
Dark Comedy
Full Length
1 man, 4 women, 1 girl (6 total)
In a Neiman Marcus changing room in Dallas, on the most important day of her life, Annabell Armstrong frantically searches for the perfect dress. A rising star in the Texas Democratic Party, Annabell is trapped in the Reagan eighties. Her political career, love affair, finances, and family relations are in crisis; and strong-minded characters from her past begin to appear from behind the changing room mirror. FIX ME, JESUS is a dark comedy—the hilarious, timely, and poignant st...
3 men, 7 women (10 total)
Sally Blane, a pretty and indomitable seventeen-year-old, has solved mysteries all over the globe and has helped thousands of people in distress. Early in this, her latest adventure, she discovers that her father, Lane Blane, is being held hostage by a coffee cartel in Latin America. With her omnipresent chaperone, Fricka Norse, and her plump chum, Amaryllis White, Sally sets forth to save her Dad. Her boyfriend, Scotty Schuykill, wants her to stay home with him and do normal t...