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Plays by Hugh Wheeler
Full length
5 men, 2 women (7 total)
As described by John McClain: "… in this case the Big Fish is a former professor of great promise whose career went to pot when a trustee's daughter committed suicide, leaving a note that compromised him. Since then he has lived in the oblivion of an insignificant research job, maintaining an apartment which has become the nesting place of an incredible assortment of friends. There is somebody's wife from Conshohocken, PA., with whom he has had an affair for twenty years, an ol...
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Full length
4 men, 2 women (6 total)
Belle accepts her plainness, stringy hair and myopia as if they were unalterable. She wears a shapeless sweater which make her even less appealing. She is innocent and vulnerable under the surface of her sophisticated, adult talk. A young man is supposed to take her to Ivan the Terrible, Part II, but he begs off…as others have before. But then Bobby, a shy, overly sensitive boy, arrives to deliver Belle's roommate's dress from the cleaners. He too is an outcast, a closet...
This manuscript is not available.