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Simply Heavenly

Langston Hughes, music by David Martin
ISBN: 978-0-8222-1030-6
Musical, A Comedy with Music
11 men, 8 women, a few bit parts can be doubled
Total Cast: 19, Flexible Set
FEE: $100 per performance. The Play Service can supply the piano and vocal music of the seven songs necessary for production of this play for $20.00 per set, plus shipping and handling. Groups authorized to produce the play may use these without payment of a music fee.
THE STORY: The New York Journal-American, called SIMPLY HEAVENLY "…a treat. This story by Langston Hughes, based on his novels about Jesse B. Semple, a Joe Doakes Harlemite, seems…to capture the color and the humor and poetry of these neighbors-to-the-North as no outlander could imitate. This is the story of the New York Negro written from the inside out; it is a happy and exciting evening. There is a mood and a temper about this show that is unique." The New York Post describes the play: "It possesses such unhackneyed freshness and cheeriness of spirit, such humorous decency and regard for the human spirit, that, as offered last night at the 85th Street Playhouse, it was a real delight. Its great merit is that Mr. Hughes contemplates the people he is writing about with a respect that never becomes patronizing or stuffy and always retains its sense of humor."
Based on the novel Simple Takes a Wife by Langston Hughes.