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First Lady

Katharine Dayton and George S. Kaufman
Full length, Comedy
14 men, 11 women
Total Cast: 25, Two Interiors
ISBN-13: 990363
FEE: $80 per performance. MS.
THE STORY: The conflict centers upon the feud between two Washington hostesses, who show no quarter in their struggle for the position of First Lady. Irene Hibbard, wife of a Supreme Court Justice, incurred the undying hatred of Lucy Chase Wayne, wife of the Secretary of State, when she stole the latter’s cook. For revenge Lucy, to discourage Irene’s interest in a young Senator, lets a false rumor circulate that the party is considering Hibbard for the Presidency. Irene immediately returns to the family hearth to “stick with her husband in his hour of need.” But the rumor goes out of Lucy’s control and threatens to become a reality. Realizing she would be responsible for thwarting her own husband, Lucy frantically tries to repair the damage. The battle between them rages at social functions and in congressional lobbies. When all seems lost Lucy gets a brilliant inspiration and with the help of the foreign office learns that a former marriage of Irene’s is still in effect, the foreign obtained divorce not being recognized in this country. Using this she forces Irene to retire from the field.