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Editor: Craig Pospisil
Collection, Short Play Collection
Flexible Sets
ISBN-13: 978-0-8222-2513-3



Amateurs by David Auburn. Politics and ethics collide when a young woman confronts an older politico about an attack ad he ran against her father years earlier that destroyed the father's career. (1 man, 1 woman.)

Bolero by David Ives. A woman's world threatens to come apart in the middle of the night, when she and her husband hear strange sounds and voices coming through their bedroom wall. (1 man, 1 woman.)

Breakfast and Bed by Amy Fox. Lex wakes up hungover on the couch in her lover's apartment and wonders where Chris has gone. Chris' roommate, Eloise, is chatty and offers coffee but also asks a lot of probing questions. Is Eloise jealous? Protective? Or is there something else going on? (2 women.)

Cell by Cassandra Medley. The only jobs left in Flint, Michigan are at a detention center for illegal immigrants waiting to be deported. Rene has taken in her sister Cerise and niece Gwen, who were homeless, and gotten them jobs with her at the facility. But Gwen’s soft heart puts her at odds with the detention center's rules against fraternization, and Rene will not let Gwen threaten her job. (3 women.)

Diversions by Christopher Durang. A man is about to jump off a building when a nun tries to stop him. Aloysius thinks the nun is trying to push the man off and tries to stop the nun. A policeman tries to stop all of them, but he falls off the roof. The whole thing winds up in court, where a game of bridge breaks out and more bodies start to pile up. (7 men, 3 women.)

The Green Hill by David Ives. Jake has a vision of a lovely green hill, where he feels free and at peace. He knows the hill is real, and he has to go there. He sees a poster of the hill in a travel agent's window, but the hill's real location proves to be elusive. But Jake is relentless in his search. (1 man, 1 woman, extras.)

Happy by Alan Zweibel. Donald travels to Boca Raton to find "Happy" Haliday, a favorite baseball player from his youth, and to get his signature on a baseball. The ball has been signed by every member of the 1962 Mets except for Happy, whose career was cut short. But when Happy learns the ball will be worth $28,000 after he signs, and that it's already been sold, will he still sign? (2 men.)

A Second of Pleasure by Neil LaBute. Kurt and Jess are waiting to board a train at Grand Central, when Jess says she doesn't really want to go away for the weekend. Kurt is annoyed. Jess agreed to the trip weeks ago. Why did she wait until now to say something? Finally, Jess admits that it has something to do with her husband. (1 man, 1 woman.)

An Upset by David Auburn. Two pro tennis players, a younger, polite Romanian on his way up and an older, argumentative American on his way out, are pitted against each other, on and off the court. But they may be more alike than they know, and, like a tennis match, the balance of power keeps shifting. (2 men.)

Weird Water by Robert Lewis Vaughan. Sinking further into depression after the death of his son Tommy in Iraq, Hal resists his wife Libby's attempts to help him heal. When Tommy's lifelong best friend Jeff pays a surprise visit he brings a sense of hope with him, and the family finds a way to move forward.