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Housebreaking - ePublication

Full Length, Comedy
3 men, 1 woman
Total Cast: 4, Flexible Set
ISBN-13: 9780822226666


FEE: $80 per performance.
THE STORY: Enter Chad, obviously worn out from a night of drinking. Enter Carmine, obviously homeless. Chad’s tired of his job, his shipwreck of a sister, his shut-in father, his whole thirty-five-year-old life. Carmine is tired of life on the streets. Chad brings Carmine home, offering a drink, a shower, and a warm place to sleep, all the while forgetting that stray animals are wild and cunning survivors. HOUSEBREAKING is a slowly smoldering story that makes us wonder how we got to be who we are—and what happens when we attempt to change.
“HOUSEBREAKING left me in stunned silence, simultaneously repulsed and fascinated as I questioned my own identity.” —Austin Chronicle. “HOUSEBREAKING is a darker, more intimate, and highly socially relevant take on our morbid fascination with the less fortunate…a slow-burning play: carefully crafted to keep us curious and engaged. It begins in medias res, and we have to wait patiently for each piece of the story to come together—but the payoff is worth the wait.” —Austin-American Statesman. “HOUSEBREAKING is a disturbing, funny and frightening play; audiences will realize they have experienced theatre at its proper job.” —Edward Albee. “What an impressive piece of work. Its characters are solidly drawn with a depth of feeling and nuance that usually belongs to novels.” —John Guare.