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Kunstler - ePublication

Full Length, Biographical Drama
1 man, 1 woman
Total Cast: 2, Flexible Set
ISBN-13: 978-0-8222-3892-8


THE STORY: Famous for defending the Chicago Seven and his involvement at Attica and Wounded Knee, the radical attorney and civil rights activist William Kunstler had an outsize personality and a tremendous appetite for life. In this two-character play, tensions flare when he arrives on a college campus to give a seminar. The brilliant young law student assigned to introduce him objects to his appearance and is determined to confront him. Has Kunstler finally met his match?
“…wise and revealing…[a] skillful script…KUNSTLER is an eye-opening history lesson.” —NYTimes. “…a compelling portrayal of the high profile trial lawyer…This fascinating [play] provides a unique insight into Kunstler’s life and times…Regardless of your opinion of William Kunstler, you will find KUNSTLER to be a captivating and entertaining show.” — “A well-crafted and smartly organized script that’s infused with generous dollops of humor…Sweet’s vivid integration of so many…historic events is remarkable—especially the vivid recollections of the infamous Attica prison riots…” — “KUNSTLER excels at every level, bringing alive not only a famous character, but the era in which he lived and the controversies in which he played so lively a part…It is a fitting compliment to KUNSTLER to say that Kunstler, the theatrical iconoclast, would approve. So will you.” — “…Sweet offers up a clever script exposing a fascinating behind-the-scenes account of what really went down during [Kunstler’s] high profile cases…This is a captivating and powerful theatrical event that will leave you cheering.” —