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A Great Career

ISBN: 978-0-8222-0480-0
One Act, Comedy
1 man, 2 women
Total Cast: 3, Interior
FEE: $35 per performance.
THE STORY: The action takes place in a sparsely furnished office. At one desk sits a womanish man (George), at another a mannish woman (Zelda), and at the third a young girl (Linda) who is so fed up with office work that she is at her wit's end. The womanish man (played by an actress) is a sad, defeated sort who has slipped out of the mainstream of life and has settled for what "he" has. The same performer later impersonates Roslyn, an aging office worker who lives for lunch hours and low-budget shopping sprees, and is an unhappy portent of what lies ahead for her colleagues. The actor playing Zelda later takes the role of the boss, Mr. Gray, a blustering, self-impressed martinet who tries to convince himself and everyone else that the work they do is challenging and worthwhile. But the third office worker, Linda, is finding it impossible to get at the report that the boss is waiting for, and before long she erupts in open revolt, tells Mr. Gray off, flings the contents of the filing cabinet about the room, and finally gains her wish of being fired. But then, in all too short a time, she is back to plead for reinstatement. The sad truth is that she has nowhere else to go, nothing to hope for other than what the office offers. As the curtain falls she is on her knees picking up papers, while the mincing George assures her that she has a great career in store if she will only settle down and play by the rules of the game.
Presented at Lincoln Center's Forum Theater (on a double bill with AN EVENING FOR MERLIN FINCH) this brightly original play takes aim on the world of the business office. "Mr. Dizenzo's gift for the humor of the absurd of comic lunacy can be quite hilarious" óNY Post.