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Stay Carl Stay, Best Half Foot Forward and Pillow Talk

One Acts, Short Comedy Collection
Flexible Sets
ISBN-13: 978-0-8222-1077-1

MIN. PERFORMANCE FEE: $105 per performance when produced together; $40 each when produced individually; $55 for PILLOW TALK.
THE STORIES: In Stay Carl Stay, an invertebrate young woman, dominated and taken for granted by her boyfriend, adopts a dog on the advice of a rather eccentric therapist. Pandemonium ensues when Carl, the dog (played by a human actor), who's far better behaved than the boyfriend, learns to dance, talk and win his mistress' heart. (3 men, 3 women.)

Best Half Foot Forward deals with four men in their late twenties, stir crazy at the end of a week's vacation in a cabin located in the wilds of New Hampshire. Far from women and civilization, their neuroses and insecurities about friendship and masculinity drive them to outrageous acts of competition, culminating with a very frank and funny examination of their anatomical attributes. (4 men.)

In Pillow Talk, two heterosexual men, Aaron and Doug, are forced to share a bedroom and a bed in the mobile home of Aaron's dotty old grandmother. Hampered by Doug's phobic fear of physical intimacy, the characters are forced to examine their feelings about friendship and each other. As the battle lines are drawn, they get little sleep and a night full of surprises. (2 men.)
These three one-acts, first presented at the Manhattan Punch Line Theatre, deliver stressed-out characters into hilarious situations about the contradictions and pitfalls of relationships. In each of the three plays, one-liners and laughs abound as men and women stumble toward coming to terms with modern relationships—and with each other.