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Feiffer's People

Full Length, Sketches and Observations
3-4 men, 3-4 women
Total Cast: 6, ISBN-13: 978-0-8222-0396-4

MIN. PERFORMANCE FEE: $105 per performance.
A unique conception by America’s renowned humorist, cartoonist and social satirist, FEIFFER’S PEOPLE offers a characteristically inventive and flexible kind of experimental theatre. Made up of brief sketches, monologues and playlets which are wildly funny yet bitingly acerbic in the sharp observations that they provide on the state of the union and the modern world in general.

No specific casting or staging requirements are designated, and producing groups are invited to give full rein to their creative imaginations in selecting, arranging and mounting the various excerpts which will be shaped into their own presentation of FEIFFER’S PEOPLE. This could be a curtain-raiser for a longer play; part of an omnibus program; half of a double-bill; or, because enough basic material is provided, even a full-length program.

Staging can range from an open area with stools to a series of stylized settings, and it will be readily apparent that the imaginative use of lighting and appropriate music will add much to production values.

But the intrinsic merit—and joy—of FEIFFER’S PEOPLE lies in its complete freedom of form. It provides the essential ingredients for a revue-type program of richly comic dimension, and magically suggests a variety of means for bringing this to life theatrically. It is the starting point for a creative theatre experience which will be shared by all as they participate in the excitement, and sheer fun, of using the stage as a forum for projecting a wry and perceptive world-view, encyclopedic in its awareness of human frailty but always softened by the gentle balm of laughter.