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General Seeger

Full Length, Drama
7 men, 2 women, many bits
Total Cast: 9, Flexible Set
ISBN-13: 978-0-8222-0437-4

MIN. PERFORMANCE FEE: $105 per performance.
THE STORY: As described by Thomas R. Dash: “This hot and humid Saturday in July is a great day for General Seeger. A new recreation building on an Army post in a New England State is to be dedicated to the memory of his heroic son, Lieutenant Seeger, who was killed by saving two green recruits from an exploding hand grenade. But just before the ceremonies are to commence, the Lieutenant’s widow, Helena, arrives from San Francisco, as tragic as Electra from the Greek tragedy, ominous-sounding, and determined to reveal truth. The truth, as she sees it, is that her husband was no hero, that the ceremony would be a sham and a mockery, and that the lieutenant killed himself to escape the Army. She blames it all on the domineering, selfish father who dictated every step for his son and who is making it a ceremonial for himself rather than one for his allegedly heroic son. Under Helena’s remorseless logic and flinty resolve to expose the truth, the General begins to wilt. He, in turn, takes up the investigation, probing the captain who was his son’s friend at the Point and the colonel who was an eye witness to the tragedy. Now a new area of conflict opens up. General Seeger, after learning the bitter truth, insists on calling off the dedication. The army brass is just as insistent that the program go through as scheduled.” His ultimate decision, which goes against that of his superiors, means the destruction of a lifetime career but, with it, the triumph of a noble spirit.
The compelling story of a U.S. Army General whose life has come to a moment of sudden and unexpected crisis.

“A pulsing, utterly human and frequently exciting play about Army life.” —Women’s Wear Daily.

“Levin has spun his tale expertly and tautly.” —New York Daily News.

“…written with suspenseful skill…” —New York Journal-American.