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Summer and Smoke

Full Length, Drama
8 men, 6 women
Total Cast: 14, Three Simple Flexible Sets
ISBN-13: 978-0-8222-1097-9

MIN. PERFORMANCE FEE: $130 per performance. SPECIAL NOTE: Original music composed by Paul Bowles for the New York production of this play is available for purchase with your license for $60.00 and will be distributed digitally. For more information, click here. The nonprofessional fee for the use of this music is $15.00 per performance.
THE STORY: Alma Winemiller, a timid, high-minded young woman, is trapped under the overbearing weight of her minister father and mentally ill mother. Hers is a soul that gazes to the stars, but her life is pinioned by the Puritanical values of her household and community. The return to town of a childhood friend, now a talented, promising young doctor, offers Alma a glimpse into a different way of being—but his recklessness and womanizing threaten to destroy them both if they acknowledge their mutual longings.