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The 49th Cousin

Florence Lowe and Caroline Francke
Full length, Comedy
7 men, 3 women
Total Cast: 10, Interior
ISBN-13: 990345

MIN. PERFORMANCE FEE: $105 per performance. MS.
THE STORY: As outlined in the New York Mirror, “It is based on [Lowe’s] reminiscences of her late grandfather…Isaac Lowe was a cantankerous, opinionated man. He founded a synagogue in Syracuse at the turn of the century, and almost wrecked it. His possessiveness and prejudice kept his three daughters on the verge of spinsterhood until they revolted against his tyrannical ways. Being of German Jewish stock, Isaac looked down on Russians, Poles, Austrians and Hungarians. When one of his daughters defied him and married a young Russian salesman, he was irate. He was even more so when another became engaged to a Gentile school principle. Isaac thought the Lord had deserted him. He tried to turn atheist. But in the end, everything came out all right. The generosity of others made him see the error of his ways. A lightning bolt that hit the temple also helped…The title refers to the fact that if we believe in Adam and Eve, we’re all cousins—forty-ninth or farther removed."
“The people…are such a truly sweet lot…that I’d like to think that they were still carrying on, somewhere, after the curtain has gone down.” —New York Herald Tribune.

“…exceedingly funny lines…” —Newsday (NY).