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Heaven and Hell (on Earth): A Divine Comedy

One Acts, Short Comedy Collection
11 men, 11 women (flexible casting)
Total Cast: 22, Open Stage
ISBN-13: 978-0-8222-1824-1
FEE: $105 per performance when produced together; negotiable when produced individually.
THE STORIES: In this comic anthology, written for an ensemble of young actors, an array of devilishly talented playwrights put a contemporary spin on a fascinating eternal obsession. Grappling with their own diverse experiences of vice and virtue, salvation and damnation, characters from the twenty-something generation interpret their world with amusing revelations and surprising insights. BAD-ASS OF THE RIP ETERNAL by Elizabeth Wong (1 man); CAPITALISM 101 by Rebecca Gilman (2 men); COCO PUFFS by Alice Tuan (1 woman); GONE GOTH by Melanie Marnich (1 woman);I-KISSANDTELL by Michael Kassin (1 man); JUST HOLD ME by William Mastrosimone (1 man, 1 woman); THE MILLENNIUM FALLACY by Richard Strand (1 woman); NOTE TO SELF by Hilly Hicks, Jr. (1 man, 1 woman); RED POPCORN by Robert Alexander (1 woman); RIOT GRRRRL GUITAR by Robert Alexander (1 woman); ROBIN by Sarah Schulman (1 woman); ROSA’S EULOGY by Richard Strand (1 woman); SAINTS AT THE RAVE by Guillermo Reyes (2 men); SWIRLING WITH MERLIN by Keith Glover (1 man); BAREFOOT WOMAN IN THE RED DRESS by Jane Martin (1 woman); THE VICTIMLESS CRIME by Deborah Lynn Frockt (1 woman); VIRTUAL VIRTUE by Elizabeth Dewberry (1 man, 1 woman); WHITE ELEPHANTS by Jane Martin (1 woman); WORLDNESS by Jenny Lyn Bader (2 women);YOUNG MAN PRAYING by Karen Hines (1 man); THE WAY DOWN by Richard Strand (1 man); THE WAY DOWN by Richard Strand (1 man); 11 men, 11 women (flexible casting).