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Dark, No Sugar

One Acts, Short Plays
ISBN-13: 978-0-8222-2059-6

MIN. PERFORMANCE FEE: $105 per performance when produced together; $40 each when produced individually; $55 each for AMICI, ASCOLTATE, THE FINAL INTERROGATION and NINE-TEN.
THE STORIES: Tony Award®-winning playwright Warren Leight separates the bitter from the sweet in his new collection of one acts.

The Final Interrogation of Ceausescu's Dog. Ceausescu's dog is interrogated shortly after the Romanian revolution. (2 men.)

Mr. Morton Waits for His Bus. An anxious rookie cop babysits a corpse in a studio walk-up on a fourth of July weekend. (2 men.)

United. A young woman meets her brother's new boyfriend who turns out to be her ex-boyfriend. (2 men, 1 woman.)

Happy for You. Five "friends" watch the Oscars on a night their "friend" has been nominated. (3 men, 2 women.)

Nine-Ten. A pool of prospective jurors grumble about their plight on the day before 9/11. (3 men, 3 women.)

Fear Network News. "You give us five minutes, we'll scare the bejeezus out of you!" (3 men, 3 women, doubling.)

Pay-Per-Kill. A killer's execution is televised on pay-per-view TV. (7 men, 2 women, doubling.)

Judaic Park. Steven Spielberg pitches Schindler's List to Hollywood executives. (4 men, 1 woman.)

What I Did Wrong. A single woman obsesses about the mistakes she made that ended her relationship with a jerk. (1 woman.)

Norm-anon. At last there's a support group for adult children of normal parents. (1 man, 2 women.)

The Morning After. The TV game clock is "automatically put on hold" when a dating-game contestant alleges abuse. (4 men, 3 women.)

Love of the Game. A star baseball player teaches his son that how you play the game is not nearly so important as winning. (1 man, 1 woman, 1 boy.)

Amici, Ascoltate . A son's imminent departure for Iraq prompts his father to examine the fate of men in his family when sent to war. (2 men, 1 woman, doubling.)
“Marvelously original…rife with social and political satire.” —Time Out New York.

“A delicious spoofing of trivial urban concerns [with] a very potent sting in its narrative tale.” —Chicago Tribune.

“Delicious.” —New York Daily News.

“Enjoyably sour.” —The New York Times.