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Full Length, Drama
5 men, 4 women
Total Cast: 9, Flexible Set
ISBN-13: 978-0-8222-2305-4

FEE: $105 per performance.
THE STORY: A recent Irish immigrant, Brendan now calls America home. He misses his family but works hard to fit into his adopted country and find love and meaning in his new life. But his “two pints Wednesday” lifestyle goes topsy-turvy when he receives a letter from home. Suddenly, the ghost of his mother starts following him around. Of course, she has plenty to say about his friends, his shameful lifestyle and how worried she is about him learning to drive on the other side of the road. This is a funny, evocative and wonderfully touching play about love, loss and coming to terms with leaving the past behind you.
“Ronan Noone crafts a gentle, sweet-natured play…the work should prove attractive to auds and theatres looking for a play that goes straight to the heart of Eire while stirring American immigrant emotions, too.” —Variety. “Fluid, funny and heartfelt, Brendan is Ronan Noone’s most expertly crafted play yet. And that’s saying something.” —Boston Globe. “Brendan isn’t about harrowing plots or big revelations. It’s about Brendan, whom with all his flaws the audience comes to care about deeply.” —Boston Herald. “…lively and loving…as warm and as sweet as a hot fudge sundae…very funny.” —Boston Phoenix.