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Prisoner of the Crown (Reduced Version)

Richard F. Stockton, additional material and original concept by Richard T. Herd, adapted by Ciaran O'Reilly
This manuscript is not available. You may still apply for performance rights.

Full Length, Drama
8 men (flexible casting)
Total Cast: 8, Flexible Set
ISBN-13: 978-0-8222-2435-8

MIN. PERFORMANCE FEE: $105 per performance.
THE STORY: PRISONER OF THE CROWN, a broad and bitter indictment of judicial abuse, is the riveting story of the trial of Sir Roger Casement, an Irish patriot and one of the world’s great humanitarians. A few short years after being knighted, Casement was sentenced to be hanged for treason in what was called “The Trial of the Century.” The sensational trial was tainted by the presence of the “Black Diaries” —an alleged explicit account of Casement’s promiscuous homosexual lifestyle. Were the diaries real? Or, were they, as many believed, forged by the crown forces determined that he pay the ultimate price for his role in the Easter 1916 uprising? The play, set in the jury room of the Old Bailey and elsewhere in the minds of twelve jurors who reenact key events during their deliberation, paints a captivating picture of heroism, passion and manipulative deception.
“…deftly intertwines the themes of politics, power and prejudice.” —The New Yorker. “…a satirical iron laced courtroom drama…artful dialogue…historical abuse of power will certainly resonate with today’s theatregoers.” —Associated Press. “…as strong a condemnation of British judicial malpractice as you’re ever likely to see.” —Irish Voice. “Awash in shadowy satire, quick-cut bitterness, and rapier commentary…it seems it could have been ripped from yesterday’s headlines.” —Talkin’ Broadway. “…incisive [and] eerily relevant dialogue…based on facts that date back almost a hundred years, but contemporary parallels will pop into your consciousness as fast as you can say Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib.” —CurtainUp. “A rare triumph…[it] has distinction, substance, and dramatic force…sharp earthy dialogue, biting lines, situations with punch, humor and tension.” —Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.