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born bad

Full Length, Drama
2 men, 4 women
Total Cast: 6, Flexible Set
ISBN-13: 978-0-8222-2547-8

FEE: $105 per performance.
THE STORY: “…the bits don’t make the bulk and the bulk don’t mek the whole and the all a your bits together don’t make your versions true." Dawta wants the family to talk. But they have never talked like this before. Once this conversation starts, nobody leaves. BORN BAD dives headlong into the powerful heart of this family, unleashing wit and verbal dexterity along the way.
“Remarkable…This intense, stylized drama about poisonous family secrets hits you like a triple shot of espresso. You leave feeling slightly shaken: excited by the play’s formal invention, moved by its coiled emotional power…” —NY Times. “Tucker Green’s verbally stylized, physically concentrated, psychologically stripped-to-the bone approach results in a thoroughly disquieting, relentlessly penetrating work of art. It’s essential and stunning theater.” —BackStage. “[Tucker Green’s] fast and furious storytelling and blazing verbal free-for-all hits like blunt-force trauma. The work is exhilarating and disturbing all at once.” —NY Daily News. “A barreling dramatic poem in six-part dissonance, Debbie Tucker Green’s BORN BAD is a deeply unsettling, upsettingly funny family portrait, slashed with box cutters and stuck back together with guilt, hurt, and blood…For a play that is, in essence, a long and punishing argument, with the leverage sloshing from one character to the next, BORN BAD is a remarkably smooth sixty-minute ride…a series of short scenes, webs of alliance, jealousy, and betrayal that suggest a tragedy of almost Grecian size without once having to declare it.” —NY Magazine.