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Fucking Men

Joe DiPietro, adapted from La Ronde by Arthur Schnitzler
Full Length, Comedy
10 men
Total Cast: 10, Flexible Set
ISBN-13: 978-0-8222-3203-2


FEE: $105 per performance.
THE STORY: FUCKING MEN is a free-wheeling adaptation of the 19th century play La Ronde, in which ten men in ten scenes sleep with and seduce one another; each encounter subtly, sometimes radically, changing their lives. The search for emotional fulfillment—the thread that connects the episodes in La Ronde—is given fresh resonance in Tony Award-winning playwright Joe DiPietro’s hilarious and heartwarming take on the German classic, transposed to the gay subculture in contemporary Manhattan.
“London’s longest-running fringe hit…A highly populated comedy of gay sexual manners. It deals with the pleasures and limitations of anonymous, 'cheap, quickie sex,' and the hunger for connection.” —Guardian (London). “One might fear…the audacious title of Joe DiPietro’s seriocomedy…Any such trepidations quickly vanish as this tasteful and enthralling [play] gets underway. Pulling no punches in frankly depicting an erotic milieu, DiPietro parlays a labyrinth of lustful encounters among strangers into a profoundly moving portrait of loneliness and longing.” —BackStage. “[G]ay men—just like all human beings—are capable of love, and in fact, spend much of their lives, as everyone does, looking for it. And it is this search for meaning, connection and kindness in a sea of sex that playwright Joe DiPietro attempts to illuminate.” —