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Lickspittles, Buttonholers and Damned Pernicious Go-Betweens

Full Length, Historical/Comedy
14 men, 6 women (doubling, flexible casting)
Total Cast: 20, Flexible Set
ISBN-13: 978-0-8222-3480-7


MIN. PERFORMANCE FEE: $105 per performance.
THE STORY: During the Napoleonic wars, three extraneous Danish court officials—a professional loudmouth (the buttonholer), a kiss-ass for hire (the lickspittle), and a successful dastard (the go-between)—are tossed out of court just as Denmark’s merchant fleet becomes of strategic importance. The three men journey to France and meet Napoleon’s top lickspittle, buttonholer, and go-between—who are females?! Unnecessarily complex plots abound, flying machines are destroyed, and the head of Marie Antoinette is discovered during the madcap struggle to save Copenhagen from British howitzers. With an extraordinary use of rhyming alexandrine verse, plus cameos by sestina, haiku, free verse, limericks, and sonnets, LICKSPITTLES, BUTTONHOLERS AND DAMNED PERNICIOUS GO-BETWEENS is a farce for the ages, a delightful romp no matter your poetic preferences.
“…an extraordinarily clever work…How Ms. Adams cleverly resolves the romantic shenanigans yet keeps the historical context clear is both amusing and mindboggling.” —Theater Pizzazz.

“Johnna Adams’ LICKSPITTLES…is one of the hidden gems of this fall season…Recommended if you enjoy word trickery and witty turns of phrase, you like Shakespeare, you dislike Shakespeare but enjoy rhyming couplets…[or] you enjoy clever, well-written, original, romantic comedies…” —Maxamoo.