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Notes from the Field

New acquisition, manuscript and licensing not available.
ISBN: 978-0-8222-3702-0
Full Length, Political Drama
THE STORY: Urgent and inspiring, NOTES FROM THE FIELD depicts the personal accounts of students, parents, teachers, and administrators caught in America’s school-to-prison pipeline. Investigating a justice system that pushes minors from poor communities out of the classroom and into incarceration, smith’s one-woman show shines a light on a lost generation of American youth. Drawn from interviews with more than two hundred and fifty people living and working within a challenged system, Anna Deavere Smith continues her mastery of the documentary solo play by stimulating awareness and, ultimately, change for the better.
“…wonderfully energizing… Ms. Smith draws us into an ever-mutating, ever-expanding discussion. What the discrete people she brings to life here have in common is an awareness of the existential trap into which ethnic minorities fall in this country, often irretrievably. …[Smith] wants to leave us with a spark of hope… It seems…safe to say, though, that she also wants us to leave angry, and restless, and aware that the conversation being conducted isn’t anywhere near completion.” —NY Times. “…audacious and mind-opening… [Smith’s] probing intelligence and fair-mindedness retain a tangible presence, assembling the monologues like puzzle pieces to form a larger picture… the playwright-performer holds out for the possibility of positive change through a combination of compassion, resources and discipline. She holds her subjects in a tough but loving embrace.” —Time Out New York. “In NOTES FROM THE FIELD, Anna Deavere Smith has created one of her most ambitious and powerful works… stunning… [The play] leaves audiences with the echoes of unforgettable voices caught in a truly rigged system.” —Variety.