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Othello: The Remix

book and music by Q Brothers (GQ and JQ)
Musical, Hip Hop/Musical Tragedy
4 men
Total Cast: 4, Flexible Set
ISBN-13: 978-0-8222-3704-4


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developed with Rick Boynton

THE STORY: Othello is spun out and lyrically rewritten over original beats in this high-energy spin on Shakespeare’s play, proving that the Bard himself was the original master of rhythm and rhyme.
“While [the Q Brothers’] version conforms broadly to the original, it is continually infused with impish humor; it’s as much a spoof of Othello as it is a serious attempt to translate the play into a contemporary musical idiom…The music…pulses with life, and the cascading rhymes of the lyrics are often inspired…it’s a tickling refreshment to leave a production of this dark tale with a smile on your face, or an urge to head to the nearest nightclub.” —The New York Times.

“Who knew Othello could be so funny? The Q Brothers have transformed the bloody tragedy into a rip-roaring, rapped one-act rich with dizzying rhymes…clever and exhilarating…” —Time Out New York.

“…full of clever updates and snarky rhymes…[OTHELLO: THE REMIX] is never less than inventive and even instructive in finding cognates for Shakespeare’s poetry. His heroic metaphors drawn from now-obscure knowledge seem reinvigorated when translated into terms as familiar to us as heraldry and the hunt were to Elizabethans.” —New York Magazine.