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Madame Defarge

New acquisition, manuscript and licensing not available.
book, music and lyrics by Wendy Kesselman, inspired by Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities
ISBN: 978-0-8222-3950-5
Musical, Drama
THE STORY: In this grand retelling of A Tale of Two Cities, Dickens’ most infamous female steps into the spotlight. For centuries Madame Defarge has been read as a villainous creature waiting for her opportunity to exact revenge on an aristocratic family, regardless of which good people may become collateral. Wendy Kesselman has dared to ask: Who really is Therese Defarge, the woman whose fury catalyzed the best of times—and the worst of times?
“…deeply moving… It was the best of everything theatrical I’ve seen this year. …This dramatic musical is so powerful and hard-hitting, it will remain with you long after you’ve left the theater.” — “[MADAME DEFARGE] takes no prisoners—sweeping the audience into the intense plot from the first moment. …This is a fascinating and complex musical. Don’t come expecting a lighthearted musical romp. Do come expecting a remarkable evening in the theater.” —Wicked Local (MA). “[MADAME DEFARGE] packs a solid emotional punch while presenting themes of authoritarianism and state power that resonate today.” —