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The People in the Picture

book & lyrics by Iris Rainer Dart, music by Mike Stoller and Artie Butler
Musical, Drama
5 men, 5 women (doubling)
Total Cast: 10, Flexible Set
ISBN-13: 9780822239727


FEE: Quoted upon application.
THE STORY: Once the creator and star of Yiddish musical films in Poland between the wars, Raisel is now a grandmother (Bubbie) in ’70s New York. Bubbie longs to tell the stories of her acting troupe’s successes and heroism to her granddaughter Jenny. Sadly, her TV-comedy-writer daughter, Red, insists on leaving the past behind, unless Bubbie will talk about the events that have plagued them both since Red’s childhood.
“Just like in author Iris Rainer Dart’s novel and movie Beaches, THE PEOPLE IN THE PICTURE makes us laugh, cry, think and ponder.” — “That there will be an eternity through our living in the memories of those we leave behind is the uplifting promise of the inspiring, engaging, and thoroughly entertaining musical THE PEOPLE IN THE PICTURE…Through Dart’s lyrics and the music of Mike Stoller and Artie Butler, the sounds of klezmer memories ring in foot-tapping, soul-touching melodies while the words of the songs evoke the humor and pathos of an era almost extinguished by Nazi villains.” —