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The Gentleman Caller

ISBN: 978-0-8222-3974-1
Full Length, Drama
2 men
Total Cast: 2, Flexible
FEE: $100 per performance.
THE STORY: Although now regarded as two of history’s finest American playwrights, back in 1944, William Inge and Tennessee Williams had yet to experience anything close to success. Before the Chicago premiere of The Glass Menagerie, Inge, a dissatisfied newspaper critic, invites Williams to his St. Louis apartment for an interview. This fraught, sexy rendezvous sparks a relationship which radically alters the course of their lives and the American theatre.
“[An] intriguing new play… Dawkins is a writer of wit and an apt voice for Williams. The play is often funny; Williams devotees will feel like their idol is known.” —Chicago Tribune. “Tennessee Williams and William Inge make a tragic duo for the ages. …It’s a beautiful play, equal parts Williams, Inge, and Dawkins himself—a stiff, intoxicating cocktail that knocks you flat on your back and leaves you there. …it is utter, tragic perfection.” —Time Out Chicago. “THE GENTLEMAN CALLER is a beautiful piece of work. Its examination of two of America’s most lyrical playwrights is itself poetic and artful; one can hear echoes of both real men’s plays in the words the characters speak. Knowing the playwrights does help, but it isn’t by any means necessary; Dawkins provides all of the needed background within the script. But he doesn’t allow the play to become bogged down by the elegance of its lines; rather, he couches everything in (often dark) humor as he allows his creations to find each other or just miss the chance. …It’s a remarkable work about remarkable classic playwrights from a pretty remarkable Chicago playwright.” —