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Charles Francis Chan Jr.'s Exotic Oriental Murder Mystery

ISBN: 978-0-8222-3992-5
Full Length, Satire
3 men, 2 women, 1 n/s (doubling)
Total Cast: 6, Flexible Set
FEE: $100 per performance.
THE STORY: Frank (born Charles Francis Chan) is a Berkeley student during the height of the Vietnam War, an aspiring playwright, and a proud Asian-American. The son of a famous minstrel performer, Frank has a revolutionary plan to reclaim his identity from decades of “Oriental” humor and build a new cultural tradition: He’s going to write a play. Not just any play, but a murder mystery featuring the fictional Hawai’ian detective Charlie Chan. The victim at the center of Frank’s murder mystery is Earl Biggers, the early 20th century novelist who created the stereotypically inscrutable Detective Chan. CHARLES FRANCIS CHAN JR.’S EXOTIC ORIENTAL MURDER MYSTERY shifts between the worlds of enigmatic fortune cookie aphorisms and desperate draft dodgers, as one man tries to single-handedly overturn generations of Asian-American alienation.
“…a metatheatrical polemic about the way Asian-Americans have been characterized and caricatured in popular culture.” —NY Times. “[Suh]…achieves the ambitious goal of presenting heavy political issues in an altogether delightful and personal manner. Its hard-hitting political incorrectness seems the completely correct course for political theater to take…” — “…fiercely provocative satire.” —