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Usual Girls

ISBN: 978-0-8222-4019-8
Full Length, Dramatic Comedy
2 men, 7 women
Total Cast: 9, Flexible Set
FEE: $100 per performance.
THE STORY: On an elementary school playground, a boy threatens to tell on a group of girls for swearing—unless one of them kisses him. But just before lips can touch, Kyeoung tackles the boy to the ground. The victory is short-lived. Over the coming years, Kyeoung herself is knocked down again and again. By an alcoholic dad. A group of quick-to-judge friends. And an endlessly invasive parade of men. As we follow Kyeoung from the discoveries of childhood to the realities of adulthood, her stories get stranger, funnier, more harrowing—and more familiar. How do girls grow up? Quickly, painfully, wondrously.
“USUAL GIRLS is exciting to watch. With hilarity and grimness, it connects the dots between pleasure, pain and shame.” —NY Times. “…delivers multiple punches to the gut… Although it includes many darkly humorous moments…USUAL GIRLS is a primal scream of a play that wants to make you squirm, and it succeeds.” —Time Out NY. “Peiffer’s play explores female sexuality without attaching it to a love story. It’s a gutsy, vulnerable piece of writing and part of what feels like an immensely heartening wave of intelligent, compassionate, unafraid-to-get-ugly plays… [USUAL GIRLS] remains clear-eyed and forceful, and it shines a neon light on how much of growing up, for usual girls, is a process of unlearning.” —NY Mag. “USUAL GIRLS is certainly not a comfortable evening in the theater, but it’s never less than thought-provoking.” —Hollywood Reporter.