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Nantucket Sleigh Ride

Full Length, Drama
6 men, 4 women (doubling)
Total Cast: 9, Flexible Set
ISBN-13: 978-0-8222-4049-5


MIN. PERFORMANCE FEE: $105 per performance.
THE STORY: Edmund “Mundie” Gowery is a one-hit-wonder playwright turned venture capitalist. Decades after his renowned theatrical success, Mundie’s new life as a New York stockbroker is turned upside down when he finds his name in the morning crossword puzzle. Before he knows it, he’s on his way to Nantucket island, where he runs into a giant lobster, Roman Polanski, Walt Disney, and a host of other unlikely characters. NANTUCKET SLEIGH RIDE defies time and space in this rollicking trip through one writer’s forgotten past.
“…a shaggy whale story designed to defy all logic but a dream’s. …NANTUCKET SLEIGH RIDE is interested in how we make stories of ourselves, but also in how we forget or revise them. Its particular focus is the havoc played by childhood memory. …[The play] is absurdist not for its own sake but as a kind of last-ditch naturalism, replicating the absurdity of actual life with all its serendipities, hyperlinks, potholes and misprisions.” —The New York Times.

“Do not be fooled by the title. NANTUCKET SLEIGH RIDE…is hardly a picture of the bucolic winter wonderland the words suggest. The term dates back to New England whaling days, referring to the wild ride that resulted when a harpooned whale took off, dragging the sailors along for miles. And never could a play have a more accurate title, for the ride is wild indeed. …[a] fascinating exploration of memory and imagination.” —Newsday (NY).

“As always, Guare displays his flair for creating lively scenes and odd-ball characters. He peppers his dialogue with one-liners that provoke not only laughter but insights into our culture…” —CurtainUp.

“…[a] funny and…heartwarming memory play. …NANTUCKET SLEIGH RIDE bears a Guareish phantasmagorical quality. …you’ll find that the ride is fast and fun and tenderhearted…” —Talkin’ Broadway.