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Dark Comedy Farce Historical Melodrama Mystery Romantic Satire Tragedy Thriller


Full Length, Tragedy
4 men, 3 women (doubling)
Total Cast: 7, Flexible Set
ISBN-13: 978-0-8222-4264-2


MIN. PERFORMANCE FEE: $130 per performance.
The 1st play in Ike Holter’s Rightlynd Saga.

THE STORY: RIGHTLYND, the first play in Ike Holter’s seven-play saga, is set in the fictional 51st Ward of Chicago. Abandoned storefronts crumble and the L stopped running a long time ago. Using her street smarts and determined to honor her mother’s legacy, Nina Esposito runs for alderman on a righteous mission to save the place she and her people call home. She faces the extreme headwinds of cunning drug lords, greedy real estate conglomerates, and a vicious political machine; all fighting for control of the Windy City neighborhood. However, the greatest danger might be to Nina’s soul, as her crusade threatens to turn her into just another cynical city politician holding on to power.
“Disarmingly playful…a story that gets so much about the Chicago way all too right…” —Chicago Sun-Times.

“…triumphant play, in which he adds a bold, profane and electrifying chapter to his saga.” —Time Out Chicago.

“…RIGHTLYND is a wild ride from an important voice. The fires it takes on—gentrification and the wholesale erasure of entire communities—should have everybody up in arms.” —Chicago Reader.