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Technical Difficulties 3.0: Plays for Every Theatre 

Kendra Augustin, France-Luce Benson, Quiara Alegría Hudes, Nandita Shenoy, Whitney White, Anna Ziegler
Collection, One Acts
Flexible Sets
ISBN-13: 978-0-8222-4383-0


MIN. PERFORMANCE FEE: $130 per performance when produced together; $40 per performance when produced individually.
THE STORIES: This third installment of the series explores moments of transition and change. Curated for all audiences in all venues, in person and online, TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES 3.0 is a celebration of new beginnings.

Living Creatures by Kendra Augustin. Joley’s in a panic because her best friend, Reecie, is missing. She calls in her two closest friends, Lane and Paul, to meet her at the park to help find her. Only problem? Reecie is a doll. (1 man, 2 women.)

The Day's Mail by Quiara Alegría Hudes. When Hernán opens a mysterious package, he discovers a legacy that spans six generations of his family’s men. (1 man.)

The First Crack by Whitney White. On a phone call, mother and daughter LeNay and Denise discuss cooking, loneliness, and a recent phenomenon: All over the world, Black women have started transforming into wolves. (2 women.)

Alexander the Great by Anna Ziegler. Alexander the Great consults two of his most loyal soldiers about the decision to slow down and stop all the conquering. Julie, a playwright, consults her six-year-old son about writing a play about Alexander the Great. Whose ideas will prevail? (4 men, 1 woman.)

Talking Peace by France-Luce Benson. A virtual healing circle comes undone when an outsider finds her way in, forcing the five women to deconstruct what it means to be Black, BIPOC, and bound by sisterhood. (5 women.)

To the Stars with Love by Nandita Shenoy. Two former classmates reconnect over the internet to remember the past and maybe plan the future. Set in a time not so far away, TO THE STARS, WITH LOVE examines how love and duty can intersect. (1 man, 1 woman.)