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Bliss: A Collection of Commissioned Scenes and Monologues by TNB2S+ Artists for TNB2S+ Artists

new works by R. Réal Vargas Alanis, Preston Max Allen, Esperanza Rosales Balcárcel, Shualee Cook, Dante Green, Nazareth Hassan, Dena Igusti, Haruna Lee, L Morgan Lee, Rob Madge, Noax and Kit Yan
Collection, Monologues
Total Cast: 11, Flexible Sets
ISBN-13: 978-0-8222-4479-0


MIN. PERFORMANCE FEE: $130 per performance when produced together; $35 per performance when produced individually.
co-conceived by L Morgan Lee and George Strus

THE STORY: Following the success of Overheard, L Morgan Lee and George Strus joined forces again to create Bliss: A Collection of Commissioned Scenes and Monologues…for the grand finale of the second annual Breaking the Binary Theatre Festival. Inspired by the prompt “euphoria: a feeling of well-being or elation,” twelve transgender, nonbinary, and Two-Spirit+ (TNB2S+) playwrights tackle what it means to find, feel, and give bliss. Ranging from bitingly satirical to eerily supernatural to beautifully lyrical, this knockout series of monologues and scenes is fulfilling.