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This application constitutes an inquiry into the availability of professional performance rights for the title you have selected. You must fill out all required fields below before you submit. You will be contacted following submission of the application. Before submitting, please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions below.

If you are inquiring about English-language stage performance rights in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or the United Kingdom, you should contact our International Agents in those regions.

If you are unsure whether your theatre is professional or nonprofessional, please see the FAQs page for more information on this topic before you submit an application.


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Terms and Conditions:

Please be aware that certain restrictions may apply, and there is always the possibility that the performance rights to a particular play may not be available when you want them.

Once we have received your request we will determine if the performance rights are available in your area for the dates you have requested.

All of the plays represented by Dramatists Play Service, Inc. are protected under international copyright laws. Any unauthorized performance of these works constitutes an infringement of the copyright and a violation of the law, with potentially serious consequences for the infringer.

No play represented by Dramatists Play Service, Inc. may be produced unless written authorization is obtained from Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Please contact the Play Service well in advance of your planned production dates to check on the play's availability. We recommend that you write three to four months in advance of production. Please do not make extensive plans to produce a play before making sure that the rights are available.

By clicking on the "Submit" button, you agree to the terms and conditions above, and certify that you are eighteen years of age or older, or have the consent of a parent or guardian to submit this application. Please only click the "Submit" button once. It may take up to one minute for your application to process.